Below is the control board and power board installation video and instructions for all EZGO Powerwise Model Chargers

Click here to view the instructions for the replacement charger board installation

Sometimes this can be misdiagnosed as a bad charger or a bad charger control board. It appears you have a charger problem when in fact you may have a battery problem. 

 In the majority of cases the golf cart has sit for weeks or months and the battery charge has drained down below the acceptable level of 28 volts for the charger to turn on. If this this the case all you need to do is check the voltage coming out of your entire battery pack to figure out how much voltage you really have. You can also attempt to charge each battery with a standard battery charger for 2-3 hours per battery to help get the total battery pack voltage above 28 volts.

Golf cart chargers must sense 28 volts coming from the batteries in order to even turn on. Any voltage from the batteries less than 28 volts would not allow the charger to turn on. 

Additionally you can verify if the golf cart connections and charger are outputting the correct voltages by following the steps in the pictures attached below.

Part Numbers: 9012, CGR-026, 28667G01, 28667-G01