How old are my batteries?

For an electric golf car, the age of the batteries are a significant factor to consider when purchasing.  Battery life is dependent on usage and the level of maintenance provided to ensure that they have proper water levels at all times.  Batteries typically last 4-6 years based on the usage and maintenance, however batteries can fail much earlier if not properly cared for.  A quality set of replacement batteries will run approximately $600 and up. 



 The two suppliers of batteries we use for our golf carts are Crown and Trojan.  The date code can be found either stamped into one of the terminals or on a sticker.  The code will have a letter followed by one or two numbers.  The letter indicates the manufacturing month and the number indicates the year.  For example, an A1 or A11 code would be January of 2011.  Also, a G4 or G14 indicates July 2014 production. 

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