Golf Cart Windshield Type Guide

All Types of Golf Cart Windshields

Windshields have function and style. Adding a windshield to your golf cart can help protect from weather and another golfer’s misguided aim. Did you know there are different kinds of windshields? We have options for most models of  Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha golf carts.  Check out our guide below for choosing the right windshield for you and your cart.


Standard Acrylic Golf Cart Windshields

These windshields are a great and cost-effective option that comes in clear and tinted. They provide excellent clarity using 0.168” / 3/16" / 4mm thickness. They are available for most make and models and are designed for use with OEM front struts. The hinge is made of high-quality polyurethane for an uninterrupted visibility.


Impact Modified Golf Cart Windshield

This high-quality shield provides excellent clarity along with a 0.177” / 3/16" / 1/4" thick poly-carbonate blend for a high resistance to shatter. Also available in clear or tinted, this windshield is most recommended for golf courses, industrial use, and hunting. This design is available for most popular golf cart models and made for use with OEM front struts.  The hinge is made of high-quality polyurethane for an uninterrupted visibility.


¼” Thick Golf Cart Windshield

This windshield is designed to work with most enclosures. The ¼” acrylic material provides a stronger windshield with less bending and bowing. This windshield supports the same features as our other choices with a polyurethane hinge, tinted or clear options, and fitted for OEM struts only.


Street Legal AS4/AS5 Golf Cart Windshields

Most communities require, at minimum, a durable, shatter resistant windshield to keep you safe from flying debris from passing vehicles. We have AS4/AS5 clear windshields that are made specifically to meet U.S. Department of Transportation standards for Low Speed Vehicles. They feature a 0.177” thickness with a polycarbonate hard coat to prevent scratches and shattering. These are offered in a full one piece and two pieces.


One Piece Golf Cart Windshields

One piece windshields are not within our most popular but are still just as reliable and available in AS4 DOT versions as well as some manufacturers offer full glass one piece windshields.  They are unable to fold down so they can be quite a bit warmer during the summer months, however they are typically very close fitting around the edges and will keep a lot of cold air out during the winter.  We have them available in clear and tinted for popular golf cart makes and models.


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