Club Car DS Dash Installation Instructions

Club Car DS Dash Instructions:

Step 1: Remove old steering wheel

Step 2: Remove key switch plate from the original dash area

Step 3: Slide new dash on over steering column

Step 4: Remove key switch from old mounting point and remount into new dash 

Note: Some newer models may require a spacer between the key switch and dash in order to mount the key switch (spacer not provided, however a small plastic coupling works great)

Step 5: Fit new dash cover on to original aluminum dash trim

Note: There are small flat areas notched around the front edges of the dash to be used as the mounting points

Step 6: Drill one small pilot hole once dash is in place, then insert the first screw

Step 7: Drill the remaining pilot holes and secure with the screws providedNote: It is suggested to drill one pilot hole at a time and insert one screw at a time to ensure proper fit before drilling the next hole

Step 8: Once dash is secured re-install steering wheel


Part Numbers: DASH-0004A, DASH-0005A, 20118, 20119 

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