EZGO Powerwise Charger Board Installation and Troubleshooting

Below is the control board and power board installation video and instructions for all EZGO Powerwise Model Chargers

Sometimes this can be misdiagnosed as a bad charger or a bad charger control board. It appears you have a charger problem when in fact you may have a battery problem. 

In the majority of cases the golf cart has sit for weeks or months and the battery charge has drained down below the acceptable level of 28 volts for the charger to turn on. If this this the case all you need to do is check the voltage coming out of your entire battery pack to figure out how much voltage you really have. Please follow these steps below to insure you have installed your charger board correctly. You will ned a voltage meter to diagnose your set up.

**Note: Jumping the relay will only make the charger continuously run. This is not an effective way to test the charger board.**

  • Please test the (+) red wire that goes to the heat sink and the (-) black wire that goes to the DC plug. These wires need at least 28 Volts to turn on the relay (black box).
  • IF you have anything lower than 28 volts, next check the voltage on the far right side (passenger side) main battery cables. This should be the same as the reading from the two wires mentioned above.
    • IF the batteries read the same voltage – charge each battery individually so that the charger board will receive at least 28 volts. Once charged, try the charger board again as this should fix the problem. If not, give us a call so we can assist you further.  
    • IF the reading is not the same voltage, this means there is a problem with a broken connection, bad connection, or bad diode.
      • From here, you can start at the main battery cables mentioned above and check the voltage,
        • then check the voltage coming out of the charger port on the golf cart,
        • then plug the charger in to the cart and check the voltage coming in to the charger,
        • then check the voltage going in to the diode,
        • then check the voltage coming out of the diode to the vertical heat sink plate,
        • then check the voltage going in to the charger board red and black wires. 
    • You will see somewhere along the electrical path mentioned above that the voltage changes or goes completely away.  There you will find the bad connection or component that need repaired.  Typically it will be a diode or bad wire connection.


Part Numbers: 9012, CGR-026, 28667G01, 28667-G01

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